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An Engineers View on The Totalitarian Left and Their Abhorrent Opposition to Free Speech


An opinion article by David M. Smith, an Application Engineer/Designer. Published for the Freemans Guild on 2021, May 12th. Updated 2021, May 12th.


I agree with the many experts who see that the lack of a masculine influence in a child’s development is a common denominator in many of society’s problems these days.


“One might say, “Williams, one cannot ignore the legacy of slavery and the gross racism and denial of civil rights in yesteryear!” Let’s look at whether black fatherless homes are a result of a “legacy of slavery” and racial discrimination. In the late 1800s, depending on the city, 70% to 80% of black households were two-parent. Dr. Thomas Sowell has argued, “The black family, which had survived centuries of slavery and discrimination, began rapidly disintegrating in the liberal welfare state that subsidized unwed pregnancy and changed welfare from an emergency rescue to a way of life.” End.” A quote from Walter William’s of The Patriot Post WEB site.


A trusted old friend of mine that I respect, who is left of center, mentioned that when I pointed out that there is a Marxist element of BLM, the statement about BLM seemed harsh and may offend some. I must go on record that all lives matter, including black Jewish and all other minorities and cultures matter. So, I will go on record that, of course, black lives matter, but one can acknowledge this and at the same time point out that one can help the disadvantaged and oppressed without using Marxist ideology. The three founders of BLM are all avowed Marxist revolutionaries, and this is where my issues with that element of the movement worry me. The fact that the peaceful elements of their organization, along with the politicians, teachers, unelected bureaucrats, and corporations who do not openly distance themselves from the destructive elements of the movement, is an issue that has to be addressed.


The latest attempt at revising history through the lens of a Maoist/Marxist rose-colored lens is in the form of the 1619 project. The 1619 project is a false narrative based on falsified history utilizing tried and true techniques that Marxist Howard Zinn had perfected. Dr. Mary Grabar does a great job of dissecting the fallacies in the 1619 project and how it attempts to undermine the history of the United States (US) revolution. (source 1) Dr. Mary Grabar does a great job of dissecting the fallacies in the 1619 project and how it attempts to undermine the history of the United States (US) revolution. (source 1)


“If you were unfamiliar with these facts, there is good reason—none are true. As National Association of Scholars president Peter W. Wood reveals in 1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project, the larger purpose of the Times’s project appears to have been to promote racial grievances and resentment. Most damningly, Wood points out that a Times fact-checker who contacted a radical historian to weigh the claim that the revolution was fought to protect slavery was told that this was nonsense. But the paper ignored that input, and 1619’s creator, Nikole Hannah-Jones, herself recently said that the project was not intended to serve as history (after nearly a year of claiming the opposite).” a quote from a review of the book written by Peter Wood titled 1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project by Jonathan Leaf of the City Journal (source 2). This book is a must-read, and it is in my library.


In my opinion, the 1619 movement is just an adaption of the Globalist movement’s ideology modified to fit America and undermine its traditions of Patriotism and traditional values. The Left is adept at modifying its system in yet another futile attempt to correct its fatal flaws of always ending in tyranny. They have been doing so since the terror following the French revolution. The latest adaptions have been Political Correctness, Critical Race Theory, Equity, Diversity, and CronyCapitalism. I find it quite ironic that the names are always the opposite of the consequences of their policies when enacted in reality. The Left always misleadingly blames the opposition for what the Left is doing themselves.


Recent developments in Europe indicate a rise against the Left’s Globalism with their Collectivist one size fits all solutions. Hungary’s Viktor Orbán, Italy’s Matteo Salvini, and Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki have formed a new Populist European alliance, and their slogan is “Make Europe Great Again.”  Spain’s Populist Vox party campaigned against lockdowns, with their brilliant slogan “Comunismo o Libertad” or English “Communism or Liberty.” In Sweden, a new political coalition was formed. “The new government will have to administer policies that are much further to the right than the previous; the policy output will be very different,” said Henrik Ekengren Oscarsson. These recent developments give me a little hope for Europe to change its current Globalist bent and embrace Populist freedom over Collectivist tyranny with its oppressive CronyCapitalism. CronyCapitalism is the Monopolistic combination of some of the worst elements of both Communism and Capitalism and is rampant with over-regulation and bureaucratic corruption.


The Globalists and their woke mob ignore anything that does not fit their false narrative. What about all the people of color, shopping, owning, and working at the actual stores that are destroyed during an Antifa/BLM riot? Why do they ignore all the immigrant POC who are victims of assault and intimidation from their less successful or criminal fellow minority neighbors following the false race theory that they are victims of white supremacy who are envious of the newcomer’s success? So many dominoes are now teetering in the postmodern intersectional house of cards holding up the Marxist/Maoist NeoDems, and RINOs something has to give. When will the dam break, and a little truth emerge? It is only a matter of time. Shenanigans have consequences, and recently the shenanigans have been brought to unprecedented levels.


The End


“The goal of socialism is communism” Vladimir Lenin.

We can take a stance against the Left and their oppression by using and supporting those sites that are taking steps in this battle of dark versus light. I have provided a list of links for some of my favorite organizations and content providers.


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Source 1 - Retrieved from the Epoch Times Crossroads website

Source 2 - Retrieved from the City Journal website

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Smith, David (2021), Freemans Guild US

An Engineers View on The Totalitarian Left and Their Abhorrent Opposition to Free Speech

An opinion article by David M. Smith, an Application Engineer/Designer. Published for the Freemans Guild on 2021, April 30th. Updated 2021, April 30th.

When I use free speech friendly sites like Gab, Telegram, Parler, Thinkspot, Dave Rubin’s Locals, and now Frankspeech, I am taking a small step towards ending the Maoist CronyCapitalist control of Social Media. I am now a proud member of Nanook North’s Freemans Guild US. I have been commissioned to regularly write articles for the ‘The Freemans Guild US, an organization that supports the first and second amendments. The first amendment grants freedom of speech, and the second guarantees it; if you can support the Freemans Guild US (FMG-US), that would be most appreciated (source 1).


“Free speech is one of the hallmarks of our Constitutional Republic, as enshrined in the Bill of Rights. It is no coincidence that nations that have free speech also have a free enterprise system and freedom of religion. Inversely, nations that deny free speech tread upon the free enterprise system and freedom of religion. Americans want to remain free. Americans are craving news and information that is not filtered through the radical worldview of today’s liberal media intelligentsia, or deep state actors.” A quote from Mike Lindell’s FrankSpeech WEB site.


All the recent shenanigans of unequal treatment favorable to those on the Left and unfavorable against those on the Right all have to stop now. We can not tolerate one advantageous set of rules for Collectivist Dems and RINOs and another abhorrent set of rules for all the Freedom-loving Libertarians, populists, Conservatives, and the Right. All we ask for is equality and fair treatment to both sides. Rules for thee and not for me, says the elites trying to suppress us all. Continuing this unfairness will only result in even more disenfranchisement and ultimately result in acts of desperation by those who are being oppressed.

We need to support all the canceled martyrs who have been censored, demonetized, and deplatformed in whatever way we can do so. The list of those deplatformed is long and extensive, and it covers all races, genders, religions, and many other oppressed individuals and groups. Many black males, gay males, and Libertarian females have all been targeted incredibly intense vitreal by those on the Left. The latter are upset that they think they are saving disagree with their ideology. The damage to those who have been canceled hampers their ability to live and function; these effects are lasting, actual, and measurable.

We can take a stance against the Left and their oppression by using and supporting those sites that are taking steps in this battle of dark versus light. I have provided a list of links for some of my favorite organizations and content providers.


Here are links to some of my favorite free speech friendly sites.


Up north in Calgary, Canada, Pastor Artur Pawlowski of the Street Church is braver and doing more than most. He is taking a nonviolent stand by telling the authorities his church will suffer no more oppression. The oppression being committed in Canada, all in the name of public safety, is much worse than here in the US. In Canada, they do not have First Amendment protections. In fact, Canada has enacted oppressive hate speech laws. The Maoist extremists in Canada are getting to define hate speech arbitrarily, and it is only a matter of time before someone gets arrested. (source 2). Canadian church GraceLife is also being unfairly oppressed by the ‘Orwellian’ authorities that have jailed Pastor James Coates; they put up a barricade and had the federal police RCMP AKA Mounties patrolling the entry points (source 3). The Marxist and Maoist adherents have a long history of attacking the church and other mainstays of traditional culture.


Someone asked me recently why I do activism as it will alienate some of my customers? First, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke. Secondly, I do this because I know in my heart that I have to spread the knowledge of freedom that can only be attained by adhering to the 1st and 2nd amendments and opposing the collectivists who will oppress us if given the ability to do so. Things certainly are getting irrational in this country over the suppression of our freedom. I do not know all the answers, but a decent place to start is that I suggest we all resist this Maoist menace peacefully through civil disobedience, ridicule of their overzealous oppression, peacefully protesting, and loudly calling out against their actions.

The End

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Source 1 - Retrieved from the Freemans Guild US WEB site.

Source 2 - Retrieved from the OAN WEB site. You can support Pastor Pawlowski and his church here.

Source 3 - Retrieved from the Blaze media WEB site.

Smith, David (2021), Freemans Guild US

An Engineers View On The Totalitarian Left

And 2020

An opinion article by David M. Smith, an Application Engineer/Designer.

Published for the Freemans Guild on 2021, April 4th. Updated 2021, April 16th.


When I look at the last sixteen months as an Engineer, I have to conclude that our elected officials’ actions and their unelected minions have ulterior motives. The Left-leaning politicians, their unelected bureaucrat minions, and all other Left-leaning influencers are defying all logic in the decisions and actions they have taken over the last few years. Why the overzealous opposition against anyone who questions what they are doing is a question that should and must be asked by all.


Many of the Left’s actions do not stand up to scientific study, common sense, or accepted Engineering practices and standards.


1 - The effectiveness of wearing a mask, conventional vaccines versus RNA (mRNA), and the length of extended economically devastating lockdowns are all reasonable questions that need to be answered. If one is making these decisions in the interest of public safety, then why are we ignoring the unintended consequences, like abuse, suicide, and Depression? Some are arguing that the cure is deadlier than the disease is. Why does it appear as if many decisions are based on politics and not logic, public safety, and science? Who is gaining from these logic-defying decisions needs to be looked into why these decisions are being made? Following the money would be an excellent place to start.


In all my years of experience as a Design Engineer in dealing with air quality, I have to express concern about masks and infectious diseases. Why has a mechanical filter like a mask now only being deemed effective starting last year? Before that, mechanical filtration by a mask was not deemed effective against infectious diseases? An analogy that comes to mind is that a fabric mask to stop a small virus is like relying on a chain-link fence to keep mosquitos out of your yard. Some will be deterred, but many will get through.


The accepted methods of controlling against infectious diseases before last year have been a combination of all of the following techniques: air pressurization, UV light, separation by distance or a barrier, sterilization, protective garments when they are of an approved design being used correctly use of antiseptic agents, and HEPA filters.


2 - Lack of any serious inquiries into the irregularities of the 2020 election and the disparate treatment of Antifa/BLM protesters versus the lockdown/election protesters. I am not saying that there was or was not a fraudulent election. What I can say is that I thought that the election numbers did not add up. A world renowned mathematician Edward Solomon said, “The results of the 2020 election are simply not possible. When looking at the precinct level…cannot occur naturally.”


University of Houston professor Larry Bell sums it all up in his November thirtieth NewsMax article titled - Biden ‘Miracle’ Election Numbers Don’t Add Up. Point one - Following Dismal Record and Campaign, Gets Most Votes in History. Point two - Trump Overwhelmingly Won Bellweather States, Counties. Point three - Biden Wins Despite U.S., State Congressional Washouts. Point four - Massive Vote Tabulation Irregularities Mostly Favor Biden. Point five - Failures to Provide Electronic Voting System Security Safeguards (source 2).


My observations, gut feelings, and suspicions as an Application Design/Engineer all mirror these two subject experts. One can not deny that what professors Larry Bell and Edward Solomon summed up warrants an unbiased investigation at a minimum.


3 - The heavy-handed approach against freedom of thought/speech. The disparate treatment between protesters on the Left and Right. Who gets to define what hate speech is. Why is there such a lack of serious inquiries into the disparate treatment of the preferred Leftist venues like liquor/marijuana stores, large retailers, etcetera versus the Rights favorite venues like small businesses, religious facilities, etcetera? Who defines who/what is essential is a matter that needs to be less partisan than what we have had experienced at unprecedented levels over the last few years.


Look at the treatment of the protesters of the closure of GraceLife Church in Edmonton, Alberta, versus the treatment of protesters of approved Leftist causes of the Maoist revolutionary Antifa and Black Lives Matter groups (source 2). A famous person of color who won “Worst Cooks in America” named Ariel Robinson, along with her husband, beat their white adopted three-year-old child to death soon after Tweeting about her child’s “white privilege” (source 3).


The lack of media coverage or equal treatment when a Leftist does the same or worse act of malfeasance than a Right-leaning perpetrator is blatantly evident that any objective observer can see. A Leftist will feebly try and explain away this obvious, simple truth using an intersectional postmodern derived explanation that can not be logically understood or supported in any way. The mental and verbal gymnastics that the Left has to use would be laughable if the outcome were not so devastating to those being oppressed through their miserable Moaist based ideology.


Open-minded individuals will always suspect the question of why all the shenanigans by the actions on the Left are not vigorously questioned and investigated. These observations outlined above are such a simple truth that the Leftist leaders’ actions can not be ignored. More to come soon.


The End


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Source 1 - Retrieved from the NewsMax WEB site.


Source 2 - Retrieved from the Blaze media WEB site.


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Smith, David (2021), Freemans Guild US

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